The Advantages and Disadvantages of Disposal Ostomy Bags


If you are living with ostomy bag, you would like to know what types of colostomy bags are most suitable for you. You may prefer to use bags that can only be changed and removed immediately, rather than an ostomy bag that you sometimes want to leave empty. This decision is always up to the user. There is no doubt that you will undergo an essential enveloping procedure until you find the perfect partner, which may be quite tricky at first.

Fortunately, many colostomy patients discover in a few weeks what is best for their lifestyle. Still, it can take weeks before they finally become familiar with one type or another for many others. The disposable bags and the advantages and disadvantages of using them are discussed in this manual. What are the advantages and disadvantages of disposable bags, and ostomates choose one type of bag over another?.



Disposal is easy, as the ostomies arrive in odorless containers with a couple of slightly scented disposable bags. As soon as you put the used bag into a single bag and tie it tightly, you can throw it in the same container to dispose of hygiene products. You will find further advantages when using closed (disposable) parts: They are great when attending a party or a special occasion.

Perfect Size

You don’t have to worry about emptying a bag in the bathroom of a shop, restaurant, or even at a friend’s house. The mini size fits perfectly into a woman’s handbag or the inside pocket of a man’s jacket. Just take the pop-up and another one in a few minutes. For example, if you are at home with your family, you can take a quick tour if necessary. Yes, another prisoner – your spouse or children may want to put up with a little odor nuisance, but they will know.

Leakproof and Waterproof

Disposal is quick and easy once you have learned how to change your bag. Disposable bags are much more suitable for babies and young children. Closed ostomy bags are incredibly practical if you need to change bags in a public bathroom or at a friend’s house. There is no chance of leakage or odor escaping from this closed ostomy bag as it is completely sealed.

They are waterproof and leak-proof and do not absorb or let moisture escape from the outside, which means you can wash in the shower or swim in the water. Although I prefer watertight types, I have found that there have been several cases where I had no choice but to use a closed shovel.


They are more expensive than reusable colostomy bags because they are designed for single use. This usually means you get more bags and spend more money every week. Since a drainage bag can be used for a few days before being discarded, you may need to use up to 4 or 5 packs per day, sometimes more, depending on your daily diet. If you are a good eater, you will want to change your bags quite often during the day. You will need to change your bag when it is only half full, unlike empty bags, which you don’t have to empty until they are three-quarters full.

They tend to fill up quickly with gas, and it is almost impossible to get the gas through quickly, as is possible with empty ostomy bags. Closed bags are used by people who can dump less waste. This makes it challenging to use them in ileostomies or urostomies, as their production is almost constant and much more fluid. However, you will find that, despite the disadvantages of using closed bags, there will be times when you will have no choice but to use them and still be a lover of drainage bags.